Hi there! I am a postdoctoral fellow working with Prof. Michael Bell at Colorado State University (CSU).

I graduated from PhD at CSU in 2021 fall. During my PhD, I studied convective structure evolution during tropical cyclone genesis in sheared and dry environments. To better understand the complex, multi-scale tropical cyclogenesis, I used a number of different datasets and methods including radar (airborne, shipborne) data, ensemble high-resolution mesoscale models (WRF and CM1) and large-scale reanalyses.

I received a B.S in earth science from Seoul National University (SNU) at South Korea in 2015, and M.S in atmospheric science from SNU in 2017. During my Master’s, I researched TC risk in statistical and climatological perspective working with Dr. Chang-Hoi Ho and Dr. Doo-Sun R. Park.

I have a passion for teaching. I completed the graduate teaching certificate program at CSU while serving an instructor for the undergraduate Intro course for atmospheric science at CSU in 2019 and as a teaching assistant for Atmospheric Dynamics II course in 2020.